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At RDH Under One Roof: Charles Whitney MD Launching New Company and Program for Oral-Systemic Specialists

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Here is some interesting info from Dr. Charles Whitney.  It's about time we see our medical colleagues helping us by understanding that the mouth & the rest of the body are connected.  A brief history lesson… 


In the Middle Ages, barbers were the healthcare specialists of their day.  The traditional barber pole of red, white, & blue was done to represent the colors of fluids in the human body.  Sometime in the Middle Ages, there was a split.  Physicians & surgeons (at this time, surgeons were lower on the totem pole.  Physicians would stand near & tell the surgeons what to do but the physician did not get their hands dirty) split away from barbers & became their own group.  Barbers were no longer doing things like blood letting, leeches, etc.


However, barbers continued to "draw teeth" meaning they performed extractions.  So, as the medical profession split from barbers, dentistry did not.


Later, dentistry, like medicine, did indeed split from barbers.  However, because of physicians & surgeons leaving first, the 2 professions continued to operate as different entities.   This has always struck me as a weird part of history.  Here are 2 groups, both dealing with problems, diseases, and healing of the human body, but neither wanted to combine with the other.  Because of that, to this day we have physicians treating almost the entire body and dentists dealing with the head & neck.  If there were truly any logic in the world, dentistry would be a sub-speciality of medicine just like dermatology, endocrinology, etc.


However, because of the Middle Ages split, dentistry became a totally different profession.  This means that frequently patients can get caught in a merry-go-round of trying to run down problems from the 2 sides not communicating as well as they would if we were all one big happy family.


It's nice to see a MD colleague that "gets it" and wants to work with the DDS's & DMD's to help patients.  I mean, helping patients is what we are all responsible for.



Doylestown, PA – August 12, 2014 – Charles Whitney, MD who has become well known in the dental industry as a physician who understands the oral-systemic connection, and for being a strong advocate for improved collaboration between dentistry and medicine, will be launching a new company, 3rd Era Dentistry and The Oral-Systemic Specialist Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists at exhibit #1 at Under One Roof 2014.


3rd Era Dentistry is a division of Dr. Whitney’s newly-formed parent company, 3rd Era Health Inc., which was formed to be a catalyst for integrating patient care across all healthcare disciplines in an effort to create health and prevent illness. 


The long-term plan is to form additional divisions for forward-thinking professionals in other healthcare specialties, but according to Dr. Whitney, “The integration of medicine and dentistry is sadly lacking. That’s why 3rd Era Dentistry was where we needed to start - especially among hygienists who are on the front lines of periodontal therapy and patient education.”


At RDH Under One Roof, Dr. Whitney and his director of operations, hygiene thought leader Lisa Wadsworth, RDH will be unveiling The Oral-Systemic Specialist Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists, a comprehensive package of tools designed to empower dental hygienists to achieve the following goals:



  • Become Oral-Systemic Specialists
  • Evolve into Integrated Care Managers
  • Enhance Patient Education Skills Regarding Oral-Systemic Links
  • Improve Case Acceptance for Perio Treatment
  • Learn Approaches to Collaborate with Physicians
  • Maximize the Professional Value of the RDH 

“The hygiene community is very fortunate to have a physician advocate like Dr. Whitney who truly appreciates what they do every day to contribute to the overall health of a patient,” explained Wadsworth. “The collaboration between a physician and a hygienist has resulted in a unique and powerful program”.

The Oral-Systemic Specialist Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists consists of the following components:

  • Copy of the best-selling book “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” by Dr. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen ARNP
  • 8x a year oral-systemic newsletter 
  • Quarterly CE webinars presented or hosted by Dr. Whitney and Lisa
  • Discounted products from strategic partners
  • 8x a year, interactive conference calls hosted by Lisa Wadsworth RDH with industry experts, including Dr. Whitney
  • 50% discount on  from
  • Copy of the mini-book by RDH thought leader Patti DiGangi, RDH “DentalCodeology: JumpStart Diagnostic Coding”
  • Guidelines on how to build MNR (medical necessity rationale) to increase treatment acceptance and insurance reimbursement


The cost to join 3rd Era Dentistry’s Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists is only $399.00 for the first year and $199.00 for annual renewal to benefit from continued access to 



the phone consultations, CE webinars, discounted CE and newsletters. Hygienists who sign up during RDH Under One Roof 2014 will receive the first year membership for $299.00 and save $100.00!  For more information, visit , call 215-359-6627, or email


About Third Era Dentistry


Based in Doylestown, PA,3rd Era Dentistry is a division of 3rd Era Health, which was founded by practicing physician and healthcare industry thought leader Charles Whitney MD, to be a catalyst for integrating patient care across all healthcare disciplines in an effort to create health and prevent illness. 3rd Era Dentistry is specifically-focused on the links between oral disease and overall health as well encouraging increased collaboration between dentistry and medicine. The ultimate goal of 3rd Era Dentistry is to create optimal health and prevent systemic diseases that originate from or are exacerbated by periodontal or endodontic infections. These preventable or manageable diseases include heart disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, arthritis, diabetes and dementia. For more information, visit , call 215-359-6627 or email

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