Monday, August 18, 2014

A Big Thank You to the Academy of LDS Dentists!!!

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You probably noticed the lack of posts last Thursday and Friday.  Well, that's because I've been in Provo, Utah at the Academy of LDS Dentists annual meeting.
Last year I was honored to receive a phone call from Dr. Gordon Christensen.  He asked me if I would be available to speak at the meeting in August 2014.  Needless to say, I was absolutely stunned that a guy like me, from Kansas,  who began his speaking career taking stuff apart, was being asked by Gordon Christensen to come and present to an elite group of my peers.
The meeting was held in Provo on the campus of Brigham Young University.  The campus is a beautiful place, nestled at the base of the mountains with incredible views in all directions.  I'd been to Provo before, but I'd never really had the chance to be there for a long enough amount of time to really appreciate the beauty.
The meeting itself was incredibly well run.  The staff had spent a lot of time prior to the meeting organizing and making sure that everything was planned out well in advance.  This served to make things easy on someone like me.  I was assigned a student (thanks Max!) who made sure that I was in the right place at the right time and he even bought me some Gatorade to keep me hydrated during my Saturday lectures.
On Saturday morning,  Dr. Christensen was kind of enough to pick up the 3 of us who were speaking at the hotel and personally drive us to the lecture building at BYU.  How many people of his stature would be chauffeuring speakers around on a Saturday morning?  That's just the kind of person he is and it really shows the kind of meeting this is.
Over the years I've gotten to know Gordon and I am always impressed with how gracious he is.
If you are looking for a meeting with good education in a beautiful location, you really should check this one out.

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