Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Builders Can be Friends & Why Having the Right One is Important

Last week as we were leaving the office on Thursday evening, one of the staff pointed up at the tower on the office and said, "Hey something's loose up there!"
Sure enough, there sure was something amiss.  If you look to the left at the bottom of the tower roof, you'll see it.
Anyway, what to do?  It's 5:15 pm on a Thursday.  It's not like you just get someone right out to fix it… or can you.
I took the above photo with my iPhone and sent it to my buddy Tom Baugh who owns KC Constructors.  His firm built the office for me 6.5 years ago and anytime something needs fixing, I call him.
So I took the photo and texted it to Tom.
Within 2 hours I got a response back that he was on it.
On Friday morning, the guys from KC Constructors arrived and quickly had the problem completely fixed. 
That's the reason I deal with these guys.  How many companies could you contact after hours on Thursday and have a repair crew there the next day?  Not many I bet.
If you need any type of construction, contact them.  You'll be glad you did!  You can also call 816-246-2095            

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