Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Temporization Webinar Tonight!

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Tonight at 8:30 eastern time and 5:30 Pacific time, I'll be doing a webinar on temporization and why it is so critically important to what we do in the profession of dentistry.
Interested?  If so, you can still sign up by simply going to the Viva Learning website.  The info is on the home page which you can access by clicking this link.  
The program should be about 45 minutes for the presentation and then about 15 minutes for the question and answer session.
You can grab some continuing eduction credit *and still have time left in your evening*.  I'm always honored to be able to provide some good info to my peers and this is just one more avenue that allows me to do just that.
If you'd like to join in tonight, I'd be honored.  I'm always thrilled and humbled that people feel I can help contribute to their practices.
See you tonight!

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