Monday, July 7, 2014

Science Matters… and Here is Why! 4th of July Edition

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With the 4th of July having just passed and with some of us still sitting on a bunch of unused fireworks (what?  You don't buy more fireworks than you could possibly need?  What the heck is wrong with you?)
Anyway, I've been on the road most of the day traveling back for a big family wedding *and* a big family 4th of July celebration.  I mean, what could be better than mixing a wedding with explosives?
Anyway, when I arrived back the The Land of Oz this evening, I know that I would have to crank out an article for the August issue of Dental Products Report and *then* I'd have to come up with a post for the blog.
So… after some serious writing (the August Technology Evangelist column is going to have some serious bonding info) I began to do some research on the blog post.
It turns out that my friends at Wired have some pretty cool stuff on fireworks and the science behind sparklers and other pyrotechnic devcies.
As a certified (or certifiable) "why guy" I was in Heaven as I read the article by Rhett Allain that was posted on July 4th.
Head on over to Wired and give this fine piece of research some serious reading time.  You'll be glad you did.   Heck, I'm glad that *I* did!!!  

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