Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GE Debuts Link Bulb with Affordable Wifi Control

GE Smart Bulb.jpg
A while back I bought a system at my local Home Depot that allows me to control special LED bulbs with an app from my iPad or iPhone.  It's pretty cool & works *very* well.  The problem?  The system was a bit pricey and the bulbs are a bit pricey as well.
To the rescue comes GE with their newly announced line of Link Bulbs.  These wifi enabled bulbs start at just $15 while others go for around $40.  Now, granted you have to purchase your own gateway to communicate with them (it connects to your wireless network) but this allows you to save serious money on bulbs.  Want to bet others will follow suit?
It's a very interesting concept.  Here's the site where I came across the story.  Enjoy!

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