Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why Low Cost VPS Alginate Substitutes Can Save Your Bacon...

Sometimes it can be the little things, the little advancements in our profession that make the difference.

Today we had a situation that created the reason for this post.

One of our patients is going to have an implant placed for tooth #8. The tooth has fractured at the height of the gingival crest and the root structure is still present and intact.

The patient is in no pain and, due to that fact has put this situation on hold while putting away some money for the implant procedure.

To provide acceptable aesthetics, Super Assistant Sam-I-Am has created some essex retainers to create the appearance of the missing tooth.

During the time the patient has been wearing these, Sam has created a few replacements as the current device became worn of simply wore out.

Today Sam took a new impression (photo above) using Dentsply's alginate replacement Algin-X. We have also used Kerr's Alginot with equal success in these situations.

The joy of Algin-X and Alginot is that they are vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) materials and are very dimensionally stable throughout multiple pours. This was where the "bacon saving" portion of the post comes in.

Sam was having "one of those days" (admit it - we all have them) and *needed* the multiple pour aspect. Her first model fractured a tooth as it was being separated from the impression. The second model had a large bubbblle in one of the teeth near the edentulous space. I believe the third pour was the winner & allowed her to fabricate the final interim restoration.

Using traditional alginate, there would have most likely been enough tearing of the impression or enough wear and tear of the impression that 3 pours would have most likely been impossible. That would have meant another patient visit and subsequent delivery and follow-up appointments.

Utilizing a low cost VPS allowed us to avoid those situations.

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