Monday, June 23, 2014

ShadeWave Shade Matching Software



Over the weekend, I was contacted by my friend Dennis at Dental Learning Centers.

The company has been involved with digital photography and all kinds of imaging in dentistry for several years now.  I've always known them to have good stuff and to be a reputable company to deal with.

The contact over the weekend was to let me know about a new product they are offering called ShadeWave.  It is a new shade matching system that utilizes digital photos.  I'm going to be taking a tour of the software in the near future with perhaps a test drive as well.  Once I have more info, I'll report back here.

In the meantime, here is some info of ShadeWave, courtesy of the company:


ShadeWave utilizes the Science of Color to mathematically correct photos real-time and provides the perfect shade.

It’s widely known that manual methods to shade matching teeth have many inherent weaknesses. Some of these are the ability of the person, eye fatigue, lighting, inconsistent shade tabs and no method for determining value. This is further compounded by the misinterpretation created with certain contrasting neighboring colors such as gum tissue next to a tooth. The sad reality is one doesn’t know the match or mismatch until the worst possible time; when you try it in!

Key Features of ShadeWave:

 Open Architecture Philosophy
The ShadeWave Dental Shade Matching System is open to all shade guides and manufacturers including custom shade guides, stump shades, cad-cam blocks and even gingiva colors. It's easy to use and accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Upload, access and store your images from any computer. 

Web Based Process
ShadeWave provides a web based, single server location where images are processed and stored. The dentist or staff can easily enter the patient name, upload images and, choose their laboratory of choice to process it directly for direct composites or choosing a cad-cam block.

The laboratory will automatically be notified by email and given access to the case. The lab will process the image, manufacture the restoration(s) and have a mechanism for shade quality control.


Color Correction and Discovery of Shade Translucency & Value
A digital camera image is made of the patient’s tooth or the one that has been manufactured on the bench. In the image, next to the tooth is our scientifically formulated ShadeTarget placed near the tooth. The reference target has known mathematical formulas as do all of the shade tabs. These are called our Standards. The image is then uploaded into the ShadeWave program.

The user selects their image and clicks on Auto Correct. This unleashes an automatic process that locates and determines, through the use of advanced algorithms, the formula of the reference target colors. The target formula is then compared and mathematically equalized to the Standard. This color corrects the entire image revealing all of the unknown shades, translucency and value.


Quality Control-Shade Comparison
ShadeWave's Quality Control-Shade Comparison's, enhance the process of comparing shade; translucency and value of the color corrected original image to the color corrected completed restoration.


No Limits
Integration is available to all manufacturers of porcelain, whether powder, blocks or composite material. We also welcome integrating ShadeWave with digital impression systems and cad-cam manufacturers.

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