Friday, June 20, 2014

If Google Disappeared… So Would I

I was thinking yesterday how dependent I am on Google and how much of my life is directly affected by both the creativity and the generosity of the good minds in Mountain View, California.
This blog, is part of blogger which is a Goggle company.  I've been using this platform for several years and Google offers me this amazing service, my URL, and all the storage and traffic for free.  Amazing!
I also use Gmail for email when I'm mobile (which is a big portion of my time) because it is simple to get on all of my mobile devices.  Also, since it is cloud based, it functions a bit like IMAP email meaning I can read it on any device and when I delete an email, it doesn't show up on any other devices either.
My life is organized by Google Calendar.  Once again, since it is cloud based I can access it from any device with an Internet connection (just like Gmail).  Also, it allows me to have multiple calendars setup that I can use and see.  I have my travel organized through cloud based Tripit (NOT a Google company) and Tripit places all of my travel info  onto my Google calendar via a Google Travel Calendar that I have setup.  I also have my calendar merged with my wife's calendar.  That way, she can see all of my trips and appointments and I can see hers.  That really makes things more organized and eliminates scheduling conflicts.
My text messaging and voice mails are all organized through Google Voice which allows me much more flexibility that any other voice mail service and doesn't cost me a dime.
I have Google Drive which is cloud based storage that I pay for.  This also gives me Google Play storage where all of my audio files are automatically backed up to the cloud.  I can also play any of my music through Google Play.
The final piece of the puzzle, is Google Apps.  As part of my Google Drive I can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings.  These are all stored in the cloud and can be downloaded in multiple formats.  Once again, the real joy for me is that I can start an article in Google Docs & then work on it from any device with an Internet connection.  I do all of my articles this way & I've been known to write from my iPad, iPhone, and computer.
Amazing stuff all courtesy of the folks at Google.

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