Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How Google Glass will impact dentists and the dental profession

My buddy and cohort at Dental Products Report, Kevin Henry  has been working hard on a really great story.  The best part of it is as Group Editorial Director of Advanstar Dental Media he knows a good story when he see one… and he's been following this one for over a month.
In this second article on Google Glass and what it means to dentistry, Kevin looks at how the wearable computing system of the future can be integrated to work with today's dental software platforms.
Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone 6 years ago this month.  Since t hen we've seen massive growth in the mobile computing market.  Can you imagine going back to a time where you never used an iPad?  I didn't think so.  I also don't think 6 years from now we will want to go back to a time without "wearable" computing (like Glass) or Cloud Computing either.
Google Glass is made for the Cloud and as that type of computing becomes more main stream, we will begin to work there more and more.
For a look at the future & how Google Glass can change our lives & the way we practice, take a look at Kevin's terrific article at my writing home on the web, Dental Products Report.  

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