Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anonymizer… It Would be a Great One Word Paragraph Subject

I *LOVE* the magazine Wired.  I'm not sure who many years I've been a subscriber, but suffice it to say that it's been so long that, if I would have saved all of my issues, I might actually have some that could be worth a little cash.
There are lots of reasons I love Wired, but one of the biggest is because it truly is a forward thinking publication.  The folks there aren't just reporting about the technologies surrounding them, they are actually looking and considering the applications as they evolve.
Ever since "The Edward Snowden Affair" broke last year, I've followed with interest how the whole thing has evolved and  how (if any) changes will be implemented and ensured.
So… today's blog post here at the ol' Flucke Blog will deal with a great article posted online by my heroes at Wired.  Give it a read and then please post your thoughts in the comments section.  Remember information *wants* to be free.
Even before the Snowden story broke, I was seeing things that told me the surveillance state was already way, way upon us.  I had been making some attempts to make myself "less digitally obvious" and those efforts continue to this day.
The linked article from Wired will five you even more from stuff to consider.  Enjoy!  The article can be found by following this link.  

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