Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Parrot Drone Will Record in 1080P

Behold the Parrot Bebop Drone.  It is the product of 3 years of development.
Here is some info direct from the company:
The Parrot Bebop Drone comes with a free piloting application, Freeflight 3.0, for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets. The ergonomics of the application have been developed to offer a perfect ease-of-use to let the pilot focusing on the pleasure of flying. Once on the welcome screen, the pilot accesses the following functionalites : Piloting, photos/videos, flight plan, Cloud "Pilot Academy"... 
Complete user settings for altitude and speed, piloting mode (accelerometer, virtual joystick...). FreeFlight app also includes fun features such as one-touch Flip!
  1. Mother board (Parrot P7 dual core CPU and quad core GPU - 8Gb flash memory - All are fixed on a magnesium shelf that acts as electromagnetic shielding and as a radiator.)
  2. Fisheye lens (6 optical elements – 14 Mega pixels sensor)
  3. Brushless out runner engines
  4. Glass fiber reinforced (15%) ABS structure
  5. Three-blade propellers in Polycarbonate with fast disassembly system
  6. Inertial measurement unit (GPS+Glonass+Galileo - 3-axis accelerometer - 3-axis gyroscope - 3-axis magnetometer – pressure sensor)
  7. Wi-Fi MIMO antennas (2 double-set of ceramic antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHz)
  8. Vertical stabilization camera (Every 16 milliseconds, an image of the ground is taken and compared to the previous one to determine the speed of the Bebop Drone) Ultrasound sensor (Analyzes the flight altitude up to 8 meters)
  9. Hull in EPP (Clip and unclip easily to adapt to indoor and outdoor flight - Protects the propellers against potential bumps - Can be removed to reduce wind factor )
  10. Anti-vibration rubbers

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