Thursday, May 8, 2014

GoPlug Creates Bags that Carry Power… as Well as Your Gear

I was rummaging around on Kickstarter recently when I stumbled across this really cool idea.  I mean especially cool because we're living in such a connected and power consuming world anymore.  Need I say more?
A few years ago I purchased a nice laptop bag made by the folks at APC.  They are a company that makes all kinds of batter backup and surge protection systems.  They were not known for their bags, but what they had developed was a bag that had a power brick in it.  This power brick had a connection for your laptop as well as a couple of USB slots. What it allowed you to do was to connect all of your gadgets to the power brick inside  the bag and then charge them all by simply plugging in the power brick to any AC outlet.  It was handy but really only designed to allow you to charge multiple gadgets while you were on the go.
However, what I see in the GoPlug system is that idea on steroids… and more!
The idea is beautiful in its simplicity.  Different types of bags with a strong rechargeable battery system built-in that allows you to recharge or power your devcies.  Basically charge the battery in your GoPlug bag and you've got spare power wherever you go.
The video below provides tons more info.

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