Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DentLilght Info from CDA Anaheim

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For those of you who are attending the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim this weekend, here is some info from Dentlight.  They make nice products at a reasonable price.  If you get a chance stop by the booth and take a look!

DentLight will be exhibiting its portfolio of products in the California Anaheim Dental Show this week and would cordially invite you to our booth 2241 to try out the new products including FUSION 4 curing light, Nano 2S/2C loupe light, iZoom HD TTL loupes and Magic Mirror.  The new products will deliver the "Fastest ROI" dental devices. 


Outfit your practice with the newest advanced LED optics technology for the most efficient operation and the best bang for your buck: 


Ø DOE SE Clinicians 2012 Best Product SelectionDental Product Shopper Recommended (2013) - an affordable oral cancer screening solution to grow your practice

Ø   FUSION - Clicinians Choice 2012 and 2013- Most reasonably priced 5 second cure light with unmatched durability and performance. Now coming with seamless integration with upgrade Office Bleaching Kit that pays back the equipment in 3 patients.

Ø   Nano 2S and 2C Loupe/headlight with the thinnest teflon wires and longest running battery for flexiblility and durability

Ø  Try the newest Hassel-Free SafeLoupe Laser Filters!

Ø  Try the newest iZoom HD TTL loupes and see the comfort of field and what 10 micron resolution can help you.

Ø  Try the newest Magic Mirror and see how it saves you one assistant.

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