Friday, May 2, 2014

Brightsquid Secure-MailTM Introduces HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication!

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As I've said before, HIPAA complaint email is a big deal.  Here is another source to consider.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. May 1 2014 Now dental practices can send protected health information directly to their patient's current e-mail address through Brightsquid Dental Link’s (Brightsquid) Secure-MailTM! The Secure-Mail email messaging system is fully compliant with privacy legislation (including HIPAA, PIPEDA and HITECH). It allows dental teams to keep patients updated on their treatment or referrals. It also lets patients securely receive dentist correspondence regarding payment information, prescription information, appointment follow-up information, images, x-rays and more.

Secure-Mail now becomes a powerful practice-builder along with continuing to be a proven communication tool for the secure exchange of protected health information between dentists, patients, specialists and dental labs. Treatment referrals and updates; payment information; tax and insurance receipts; prescriptions and medication instructions; patient photos; referred x-rays and more can all now be sent and exchanged securely with the practice’s patient base. Patient health information is kept safe and confidential through Secure-Mail’s security features, including encryption, audit logging, data archiving, and unique user access code.

Brightsquid also assists dental practices as they inform their patients about the team’s commitment to the privacy and accuracy of their patient's sensitive information with a full range of ready to use HIPAA Patient Privacy Materials. Go to and Click on the “Resources” Menu to view Brightsquid’s library of FREE downloadable brochures, invitation cards and checklists.

New and exciting innovations like these continue to fuel Brightsquid Dental Link’s growth around the world. Currently with over 3,700 users in 11 countries, Brightsquid is adding over 125 new users a week, who are securely exchanging thousands of files through Secure-Mail. This significant growth continues to validate the need within the dental community for the secure communication solutions that Brightsquid offers.

About Brightsquid

A privately-held company, Brightsquid Dental Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has users in Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Spain and USA. Brightsquid's Secure-MailTM is available through their cloud-based platform, Brightsquid Dental Link. Brightsquid Dental Link centralizes communication where dental professionals can manage, monitor and share private patient data. For more information please visit 

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