Friday, April 25, 2014

VOCO America Introduces Control Seal

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The smart folks at VOCO have a new sealant they are bringing to the market.  It's called Control Seal and it has some unique properties.
The first is the degree of filler that is present.  One of the problems with sealants is that they tend to wear more than the surrounding tooth structure.  This means that, over time, the sealant gets thinner and thinner.  At some point it becomes so thin it begins to chip away during normal occlusal loading.  This is obviously not ideal as the only way a sealant is effective is if it stays in the pits & fissures.
The biggest reason for this "wear problem" is due to the amount of filler particles in the material.  Composites (which sealants are) combine a mixture of filler particles to resin.  The more resin there is, the greater the "flowability" of the material, but the greater the wear.  The more filler particles there are, the more stiff the material becomes and the less the material will wear.  A flowable composite or a sealant has a greater percentage of resin and a lower percentage of filler particles.  A traditional composite has greater percentage of filler particles and a lower percentage of resin.
Control Seal has a 55 percent filled ratio which means that, due to the higher amount of filler, it wears better than traditional sealants.  This means that there should be less wear long term with this greater filler percentage.
The material also releases fluoride which is a bonus for a material that is placed to help prevent decay from developing in the first place.  
Another nice feature is the fact that Control Seal is transparent.  This allows the practitioner to actually see through the sealant and visualize the tooth structure under it.  Often offices cannot easily detect decay that develops under a sealant.  The transparent feature should help offices deal with this situation.
Here is info from the company:


  • Transparent
  • Suitable for laser fluorescence-based diagnostic methods
  • Excellent handling
  • Highest filler content among the transparent fissure sealants (55 % w/w)
  • Outstanding physical properties
    • – high compressive strength
    • – high flexural strength
    • – low level of abrasion

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