Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Testing Completed on Coltene CanalPro CL

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For a little over a month now, I've been pushing the Coltene CanalPro CL and really putting it under some stress to see how it performs.
The device is a cordless endo motor that  can be used to perform root canal treatment.  
My overall impressions have been very favorable.  As a doctor that does all of my own endodontic treatment, I'm always looking for ways to work more efficiently, with less stress on both myself and my patients. I've found the CanalPro CL to be an advantage to my overall treatment protocol.
The device is lightweight and well balanced.  The advantage is that there is no "pull" from a power cord that increases tug or roll on my wrist which means that I don't get hand fatigue which frequently happens when using a handpiece with a thick cord attached to it.  That also means it's easier to get files into the canals since there is no drag on the back of the handpiece that can make it harder to get the file into the canal orifice.
The handpiece head is very small… much smaller than the head on other devices, and because of that it is easier to see around the device and into the tooth.  This is a big advantage in molars where access is very limited.  The small size greatly increases visual clarity in the field.  The head can also be placed into 6 different positions to help access.
The CanalPro CL is also fully programable which means that no matter whose file system you are using, you can enter the torque and RPM settings for that particular system.  The system comes programmed for Coltene's HyFlex files in memory position 3 leaving 4 other memory positions for your other files.  Scrolling through the memory is just a matter of pushing a button.  
From a clinical standpoint, I really like the auto-reverse feature.  When you are using the CanalPro CL and the torque limit for your file is exceeded, the device beeps and then turns in the opposite direction for a few rotations.  This allows you to disengage the file.  After the auto-reverse, the device begins to rotate forward again allowing you to go right back to instrumentation.  This really increases efficiency during instrumentation.
Add to this the device has long battery life on a single charge and a 2 year warranty and this device is a home run for me.
No matter whose file system you are using, you owe it to yourself to check out Coltene's CanalPro CL.  This device is Highly Recommended!!!  

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