Monday, April 28, 2014

iOptima from Bien Air is Now Undergoing Testing

What you are seeing here is the next generation of handpiece controls.  Not too long ago Bien Air released the MX2 handpiece system that allowed the user to control things like RPM and torque with a small monochrome LCD screen.
Behold the net step up!  The iOptima allows the user to have *full* control of the system utilizing an iPod!
The iPod has an app that allows for settings and parameters to be downloaded whenever they change.  Why is that important?  Well, the iOptima is not only a system that controls your standard rotary electric handpiece, it also comes with an *endo* handpiece as well.
That's right, endo is as simple as changing the standard friction grip high speed and attaching the endo handpiece.  Next the iPod app is changed from Restorative to Endo and the file system the doctor uses is selected.  It's just that easy.
The system can support many different endo file systems.  All the doctor has to do is contact the file company and find out what RPM and torque settings are required.  Those numbers are set in the app & you are ready to go.
I'm anxious to get this set up in the office and try a few cases with it.  I've been very happy with my MX2 system from Bien Air, but I can't wait to get the new iOptima system rolling in my office!

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