Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gmail is 10 Years Old Now...

Man, I am *really* getting old...
Gmail is now ten years old.  It was officially born on April 1, 2004.  In Internet years, that is like 1000 years old.  Dog years seem like light years compared to Internet time.
I remember when it was launched.  You had to  have an invitation to even have an account, and those invitations were hard to come by.  I don't even remember where mine came from, but whoever you are… thanks!
I used the service sparingly at first, but as they kept adding features (especially search) I became more and more a user.
I own my own domain and yet I still find myself using Gmail for things that are important.  I LOVE the fact that I can easily get it on any of my devices and that they all ding or give me some kind of reminder when an email comes in.  I find that one little silly feature is something that makes me use it a lot.  When I'm expecting an important email, I will carry my phone or iPad with me everywhere because I know when an email comes in… I get the ding and I KNOW I've received it.  When you are waiting on something important, that's a big deal.
They were also the first to offer threading of web based email which was a really big deal back in the day.
They won't release data on the number of users, but estimates are between 289 million and 425 million world wide.  That's a huge number and it only continues to grow.
Now with the integration of Google Docs and Google Drive, we're seeing even more integration from the Big G into our lives and also into businesses.  I mean why pay for an office suite when you can get all of that for FREE from Google Docs?
Personally I now live in a Google based world.  My calendar is in the Google Cloud as is a major part of my email (though not all).  All of my articles are written in Google Docs and stored in Google Drive.  If the Big G ever disappeared, there's a good chance I might too!
So here's looking at you Gmail.  You might have hair as white as mine, but you're still living large!

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