Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Electro-stimulation of Spinal Cords may Help End Paralysis

Paralysis.  It's a word that strikes fear into almost all of us.

Yet, many are living with the horrors of it every day.

That's why this story on is so intriguing.


It seems that researchers at the University of Louisville may accidentally stumbled upon a clue to helping end this terrible disability.

It seems that patients implanted with a device that provides electrical impulse stimulation of damaged spinal cords can actually regain voluntary movement.  Now, it requires implanting a stimulation device and it only allows for "some" movement… Still it is the first real breakthrough in some time.


Could this actually lead to a cure?   No one is sure, but it sure bears more research.

For more on this fascinating story, see the full article (and video) at  

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