Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DDS Rescue… and Why it *Might* Just Rescue You

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With all of the crazy weather we've  been having this year, it got me to thinking...
I mean, it doesn't really matter *where* you live this year, the insanity of Mother Nature will find you.  We've seen huge snowstorms, mudslides, sink holes, floods, wild fires, and lately a spate of tornados across the midwest and the southeast have brought incredible devastation.
While I am shocked and saddened to see all of the destruction, I also have a job to do and that is to help those of us in health care to remember that natural disasters are not only tragedies, but they also affect practices that are businesses that need to survive.  Losing your physical office is devastating enough… losing your office and all of the data that runs it would be catastrophic to the point of needing to start over.
About 3 years ago, I added an important link to my backup chain and backup protocol.  That link is DDS Rescue, a device that ensures around the clock backup and protection of all of my office data.
It's a simple process and one that allows me to sleep easier no matter where I am.  The DDS Rescue system is a 2 pronged approach to data protection.
  1. The DDS Rescue box (pictured above).  The device is shipped to your office and plugs into the office network.  Once plugged in and powered up the staff at DDS Rescue logs into your server (with your permission) and configures your server and the DDS Rescue device to communicate with each other over the office network.  The device creates a mirror image of your server on a schedule that you provide.  This process creates a bootable virtual server that can be run and can access your data in case of a disaster.
  2. In addition to backing up and mirroring your data on the DDS Rescue device in your office, the device also takes your data and creates an offsite backup in a secure data center.  This means that not only is a mirror backup of your data available to you in your office, it is also available to you if  the DDS Rescue device or your office suffer a worst case scenario and are destroyed.  Yes, a virtual mirror of your server is available to you and it is located in a very secure offsite location that meets all HIPAA requirements.  No matter what happens, your data is safe and can be accessed by you.

The device also stays in contact with the good people at DDS Rescue and lets them know that it is functioning and your backups are working and bootable.  It will also send you email to keep you, the doctor, aware of its status.  If anything goes wrong with the device, DDS Rescue contacts you and troubleshoots the problem.  You know your backups are safe and accessible!

The most important business component you have is your data.  Keeping it safe should be your number one priority.  DDS Rescue is a product that does just that.  For more info go to the company website.  I rely on DDS Rescue and strongly feel you should as well.  This product is highly recommended!

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