Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Could you Really Charge your Smartphone in 30 Seconds?

Low battery.jpg
If the picture above makes you think of your smartphone by late afternoon/early evening.   I know your pain.  I'm not currently suffering from the problem, but over the years I have several mart phones that would run out of power before I would.  We're so dependent on our devices now, that having low battery problems can really impact your life.
Well good news is coming.  According to the Wall Street Journal, there is an Israeli company that has announced a batter charger for the Samsung Galaxy 4 that can recharge the battery to 100% in just 30 seconds.  They are also working on chargers for other devices as well.
The company, StoreDot.Ltd announced the product yesterday at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv.
This is one of those game changing technologies that will move everything ahead as it hits the markets and other companies race in to compete.
StoreDot.Ltd even has a video posted on Youtube that will show a demo of the device.
Interesting?  You bet.  If it all rings true, this could really shake things up!

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