Monday, April 21, 2014

Apologies for Last Week… We Now Return to Regular Posting

In case you didn't notice, not much happened here on the blog last week.

Now as a one man editorial board here, it's sometimes difficult to shake loose adequate time to make a post every single day.  I try my best, but sometimes it just isn't possible and I appreciate that you wonderful readers are understanding about that.

There are other times that I just need some time away to rekindle the posts that allow me to be creative as well as just give the brain cells some rest.

However, last week wasn't either of those scenarios.  Last week was sue travel that I, quite literally, brought upon myself.

I *love* teaching.  Clinical dentistry is truly my first love, but I also love my "other" job which involves writing for Dental Products Report and teaching my peers.  I really love being able to be in front of an audience and educate a group on all the advantages of the latest and greatest technologies.  I also enjoy listening to and  interacting with audiences.  It is always a  great way for me to learn as well.

However, sometimes the scheduling of events can be a bit rough…  Here's what my travel schedule was like recently:

  • Thursday April 10: I worked a half day in my office, then headed off to KCI where I boarded a flight to Salt Lake City.  After a delay in Salt Lake, I boarded a plane for Redmond, OR.  I was picked up in Redmond at about 10:30 and driven 30 minutes to my final destination of Bend, Oregon.  By the time I crawled into bed, it was about 2:00 am on my Central Time clock.
  • Friday April 11: I taught an all day course to a great group in Bend.  There were no flights that could get me back to KC on Friday night, so I ended up spending the night in Bend with an early morning flight out.
  • Saturday April 12: I awoke at 4:00 am for an early morning flight back to KC.  I had to repeat my 30 minute drive back to Redmond.  When my flight left the ground it was still dark.  I hopped back to Salt Lake City where I had a 2 hour layover before boarding my final leg back to Kansas City.  I arrived back in my house at 3:30 pm and picked my mom & dad up for dinner at 4:00 pm
  • I got back from dinner and socializing with my folks around 9:00 pm and emptied by suitcase.
  • Sunday April 13: I went to church and upon returning home, began packing for another trip.  I left the house at 10:45 am and headed back to the KC airport; heading to Denver.  My flight out to Denver was delayed due to weather and when we finally did get airborne, the small prop plane I was on was diverted around a storm.  Rather than fly directly to Denver we headed south through Oklahoma… almost to Texas before heading to Denver.  What should've been about 1:15 flight time clocks in at over 2:15.  My gracious host in Denver waited about 3  hours for me…
  • Monday April 14: I awoke to 8 inches of snow.  My all day program for the Colorado Prosthodontic Society was a blast, but we didn't have a full house of members until about 10:00 am due to the weather.
  • Once again I couldn't get a flight out to my destination on Monday evening so I spent the night in Denver.
  • Tuesday April 15: I hopped onboard a hotel shuttle and headed to the Denver airport.  At 10:00 am I boarded a flight to Cleveland.  I spent most of the day in the air on Tuesday, but was treated to a great steak at a restaurant called "Strip" in Avon, Ohio
  • Wednesday April 16: I gave an all day lecture to the Loraine County Dental Society and then headed home.  I flew from Cleveland to Chicago and then from Chicago back to KC.

I was back in my office on Thursday to see a full schedule of patients as well as going through a huge pile of mail.  Needless to say, I didn't have a lot of free time for blog posts...

Thanks for your understanding.  I'm back and ready to roll as of today!

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