Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AOL Reveals Security Breach

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Security is a never ending subject in the tech world and another breach has been announced by another big name in the industry, AOL.
The company said Monday that it is “investigating a security incident” that could have affected up to 2 percent of AOL subscribers, however the company has not released solid numbers on how many users have been hit.

It seems to be users of the AOL email service that have taken the biggest hit.  Those folks may have had the bad guys get their e-mail address, address book, and postal address copied.  Not only that, but the hackers also managed to make off with encrypted versions of passwords and the corresponding security questions… although AOL stated that it has not seen any indication that the encryption was broken - however it's hard to prove a negative.

The company has said they are contacting affected users, but are also warning their customers to be suspicious of any potentially nefarious emails.  However, how the user can tell between the AOL *real* email and a scam email has not been made known.

If you are an AOL user, proceed with caution...

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