Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Testing is Beginning on Coltene CanalPro CL

Coltene Canal Pro CL.jpg
I love endo.  Not just a little, mind you.  I really love it.
That's probably a sick thing for non-dentists to hear, but hey, if you are a patient and you are going to let your general dentist performa a root canal on you, wouldn't you rather, hear that the dentist  loves doing them?

I've also been lucky enough  to learn and work with some really talented and amazing endodontists.
Add on to that the fact the I do all my own endo and it's pretty easy to see that it's one of my very favorite dental procedures to perform.
I also love clinical testing and I really enjoy getting the latest devices (no matter what the speciality) and putting them through their clinical protocols.
The latest of these clinical tests is the CanalPro CL from Coltene.  This cordless endo motor will begin clinical testing in my office on March 11.  I'll be reporting back as I have experience & data to share, but here is wha C oltene has to say about it.:

CanalProTM CL – Cordless Handpiece

■■ Thin ergonomic design for better access to hard to reach areas

■■ Large, user-friendly LCD panel

■■ Memory for up to 5 programs

■■ Auto-reverse mod

■■ 6 head positions allow contra angle

head to be adjusted to your preferred position

■■ Operates continuously for approx. ■■ Contra angle head is autoclavable at 80 minutes 135 °C

■■ Quick charging time of approx. 90

minutes. Non-contact charger prevents ■■ Torque Level (N·cm): 0.3 ~ 3.0 improper charging due to deterioration

of metallic terminal

■■ Rotation Speed (min-1): 140 ~ 550

■■ Energy-saving, turns off when not used- for 10 minutes

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