Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Testing Completed for ioSafe 214

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For the past couple of months, I've been working with a pretty cool device from ioSafe.
If you've ever seen one of my technology lectures, chances are you've heard about the ioSafe company.  They make hard drives that are both fireproof and waterproof.  Imagine a device that can be heated to 1550F then thrown into 10 feet of fresh or  salt water for 72 hours and you can still get your data off of it!  That ability to withstand those extreme conditions are what set ioSafe apart.
For several years I've used ioSafe devices in both my home and my office to make sure that what I want backed up stays backed up… no matter what.
But that is only part of the story.  We're now entering a new and interesting part of the whole tech thing and that is the dawning of the Personal Cloud.  Many of us are now buying space from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, or Google (I know I am).  And a good deal of my data is out there in The Cloud where I can get to it from any of my devices from anywhere I happen to be.  It's a great convenience, but it's not without its drawbacks.
Anytime you've got that much data from that many individuals sitting out there, it's going to be a target for hackers.  That's just a way of life.  That's the main reason that none of my Cloud data is actually incredibly valuable.  It's just stuff I didn't want on the hard drive of my laptop anymore, but didn't want to delete.  Short of articles in progress, I wouldn't cry if any of it was stolen, looked at, or deleted.  But that whole mentality kind of defeats the idea of anywhere data.  If you can only get stuff that isn't valuable to you, really what is the point?
Now we come to the ioSafe 214.  In addition to the waterproof and fireproof features listed above, this baby creates a personal cloud.  That means that I have 2TB of storage that connects to my network, but can be accessed via the Internet from anywhere.  The device features RAID storage to provide redundant backup and also allows me to access any of the data from any computer, my iPad, or my iPhone.  As long as I've got an Internet connection to the 214, I can access my data.  And setting it up to do all of this is a snap.  I simply read the instructions and boom, I was working with it in no time.
If you've been looking for something to hold you data *and* you want access from anywhere, take a look at the ioSafe 214 and all the other ioSafe products.  Good stuff, from good people.  This product is highly recommended.

From the company website:

About ioSafe

ioSafe: Disaster Proof Hardware

ioSafe is the technology leader of disaster proof hardware. Since 2005, our patented technology provides unparalleled physical security protection against fire, flood and theft for thousands of homes and businesses. Like an aircraft black box, ioSafe adds physical security and protection to irreplaceable data.

Encryption and network security are often used to protect data. Wildfires and hurricanes care little about whether the data is encrypted. Firefighters won't ask your permission before hosing down your entire computer system. Any offsite vaulting strategy will have vulnerability for the most important data in your business - the data you just created - not the data from last week. Backing up even one terabyte of data to the cloud could take up to 10 months with the typical business or home connection.

Physical security of data is often overlooked. Nearly every business, large or small has vulnerabilities. ioSafe specializes in hardware to help protect vulnerable data wherever it may reside. Designed to be bolted to the floor, survive building collapse or padlocked to anything immovable, our steel outer casings combined with fire and flood protection are designed to provide the ultimate physical security for external data storage.

According to IDC, over 100,000 external desktop hard drives are sold every day. By 2014 digital content in an average US home could total almost 12 terabytes according to Coughlin Associates! The higher download speeds and slower upload speeds have made it impractical to perform online backup for anything more than a few gigabytes. To upload a terabyte, nevermind 5 or 10TB to the cloud anytime soon will be impractical for all but the largest of businesses.

ioSafe high security technology gives you the choice between a pretty red unprotected drive and a fireproof, waterproof external hard drive starting at less than $150 and storing up to 2TB. Which drive do you want protecting your business data or your family photos and videos? How much are they worth to you?

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