Friday, March 21, 2014

Lasers and Why They Matter in a Modern Practice

Last night, a good friend of mine Dr. Mike Miyasaki was in town to do a seminar on diode lasers.
Traveling and lecturing can sometimes be a bit on the lonely side. So whenever I have a friend in town to give a presentation, I make every effort to attend and if possible spend some time together afterwards. Mike didn't head back to California in till early Friday afternoon so we not only got to hang out after the presentation, but we also got together and had breakfast this morning. It was really great to get to spend some quality time with a quality guy like Mike.
I love to learn! Whether it's reading books, reading articles, discussing with friends, or attending lectures I just love being exposed to quality information. So last night, as I listened to Mike discuss the advantages of diode lasers over other treatment modalities, I took special note of the questions he fielded from the other attendees.
Like many things in life, when you're exposed to something on a regular basis you tend to forget what life was like before any one of many modern conveniences. That's sort of what it's like with lasers. I thought to myself last night that I have 6 lasers in my practice and I've reached a point where I wouldn't want to practice without them.
Granted, there are ways to accomplish the same tasks without a laser, but for me considering how low the cost of lasers has become, the cost-benefit ratio falls strongly on the side of lasers.
Whether it is troughing of margins for fixed prosthetics, soft tissue crown lengthening, biopsies, frenectomies, or many other procedures, lasers have changed my clinical approach to treatment in many, many ways.
The diode lasers that Mike spoke about last night not only make things easier, but their price has fallen dramatically over the last few years. A practice can now invest in a diode laser for $5000 or less. That makes the decision-making a much easier process. When I began speaking on lasers about 15 years ago, diode lasers were 20 pound units that weighed around 25 pounds. Today's diode lasers are not only about 75% less in cost they have also shrunk in size. Some literally weigh only ounces.
Serve your practice is looking for a way to make procedures easier, faster, and with better clinical results I feel strongly you should take a look at the diode lasers on the market. The cost/benefit ratio is on your side. By a lot.

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