Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hospital Visits Can Result in Infections

I found an interesting article on CNN last week.
It seems that they have access to some info from the New England Journal of Medicine that is not available to the rest of us just yet.
It seems that while the rate of people acquiring infections while in the hospital has dropped… it still affect 1 in 25 patients.  That's 4% which is a decent number of people.
It goes to show that no matter how hard the health care field tries, we sometimes still fall short in our infection control efforts.
The lesson to be learned here?  Simply put, we in medical fields can never rest.  We cannot look back at what we've accomplished and pat ourselves on the back because it's "good enough".  The goal here should be 0%.  I doubt that will be obtained in my lifetime, but I think it is a worthy goal and one we need to keep pursuing.  
Infection control and all the things that go with it should always be looked at under the microscope of "how can we do this better"?  That's the only way we can improve.

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