Thursday, March 13, 2014

Honoring the Assistants… One Day at a Time

I work with some pretty special people.  Day in and day out, the office and my professional life are made much, much easier through the hard work of a very special team of ladies .
This week we decided to honor the dental assistants.  On Monday it was "Terri Day", on  Tuesday it was "Sam Day", and on Wednesday it was "Haley Day".  On their "day" they got a special long sleeved orange T-shirt with a special phrase honoring them.  They also got a gift card and their favorite snack treat.
Today they all are wearing their shirts and we are celebrating with a treat they all agreed on… ice cream!!!
I think often times in dentistry, doctors forget how much they rely on their assistants.  I'm really lucky to have 3 of the best on the planet.  Terri, Sam, and Haley do a great job of making the patients feel special and welcome.  They also keep the clinical aspect of what we do running like a well oiled machine.
I'm very grateful for them and for all they do.  I couldn't do what I do or take such good care of my patients if it were not for the hard work of these amazing 3 ladies.
I'm blessed to have them in my life and this week has been all about showing them how much we all care about them!

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