Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brightsquid Dental Link Joins DenteMax’s MaxPlus Program to Offer Secure- MailTM to its Network Dentists

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Brightsquid has been in the dental space for a while now, although they've been fairly "below the radar".  I thought I'd post the press release here in case any of you are members of the DenteMax network.

As I said in my Top 10 Predictions for 2014, we are going to see a greater focus on security in lots of ways, especially with communication between offices.

Most dentists cringe whenever the term PPO is mentioned.  This announcement at least shows some type of upside for membership in this particular PPO.  However, if you factor in the fee discounts doctors have to provide in PPO plans, they could more than afford to have their own solution from Aspida.  

Brightsquid also offers solutions for single offices to purchase.  Details on that can be found here.  

Read the press release for the details of the agreement between Brightsquid and Dentemax:


Calgary, Alberta, Canada. March 5, 2014 Brightsquid Dental Link is proud to announce that it is joining DenteMax’s MaxPlus® Program to offer its Secure-MailTM privacy legislation compliant (including HIPAA, PIPEDA and HITECH) email messaging system to its more than 62,000 PPO network dentists.

Mr. Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid, says “We’re excited about joining MaxPlus because it enables

DenteMax network dentists and office managers to communicate securely with patients, dentists, specialists, and labs. Secure-MailTM is specifically designed to protect the confidentiality of the patient information dentists share with their collaborators, in a safe and convenient manner.”

“DenteMax is proud to have Brightsquid in its MaxPlus Program,” said Andrea Garrett, Senior Manager Network Operations, DenteMax. “We hope the dentists in our network enjoy the Secure- MailTM service and preferred pricing Brightsquid is extending to them.”

With over 3,000 users, Secure-MailTM is leading the dental industry by providing encryption, auditability controls, data backup, secure storage, data disposal, identity authentication, emergency access and unique user identification. In combination with Brightsquid Dental Link, Secure-MailTM also gives you added convenience with the ability to transmit, receive, store, view and annotate the files commonly used in these communications:

  •   Compliant communication for health and dental records

  •   Attach and share 500MB per message including common photo file types like JPG, PNG,

    DOC, PDF as well as large STL 3d images

  •   Zoom and pan on any photo with full 3D rotation in the Image Studio

  •   Works with your existing email address

    DenteMax network dentists can now register for preferred pricing with their annual subscription by visiting and using the discount code “DENTEMAX”.

    About Brightsquid

    A privately-held company, Brightsquid Dental Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has users in Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Spain and USA. Brightsquid's Secure-MailTM is available through their cloud-based platform, Brightsquid Dental Link. Brightsquid Dental Link centralizes communication where dental professionals can manage, monitor and share private patient data. For more information please visit

    About DenteMax

    DenteMax, LLC, located in Southfield, Michigan, manages one of the nation’s largest leasable dental

    PPO networks with more than 182,000 dentist access points and service to more than 8 million members. Founded in 1985, DenteMax has been leasing its quality dental PPO network for more than 28 years to insurance companies, third-party administrators and individual groups for use in their dental benefit plans. DenteMax has established lasting partnerships with its dentists, members and more than 200 client partners. For more information visit,


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