Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beats Looks to Change How Music is "Served"

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The music world has been going "streaming" for a while now.  In our office we used to have all of our music on the server and would serve it up to individual computers throughout the office.  Then came the music streaming revolution and we began using streaming services to bring the music to us over the Internet.  This was much easier and provided greater choices.
Now comes word that Beats Music is looking to change the way you get your streamed music.  As of March 07, 2014 Beats Music has opened up the API (Application Program Interface) to developers.  This means that third parties can create apps that use the beats library.
Want the basic info?  Here is what Beats Music has to say (direct from their website).  Then click the link above if you want all of the details.


Beats Music believes in being as open as possible, because we think the best ideas come from you. This is why we've decided to open up nearly all of our REST resources, which we use ourselves, to everyone. So GO BIG: we're here to help!

Beats Music is curated by real people who believe music is emotion and life! Beyond that though, Beats Music also provides support for dynamically creating playlists (The Sentence), providing recommendations to your users based on the artists they like (Just for You), editorial content provided to everyone (Highlights), and many great ways to search and select the content people want. 

You can use Beats Music APIs in many ways. We will help you get started quickly by showing you how to write code that:

  1. Search the Beats Music Catalog
  2. Play a Track
  3. Create, Update, and Display a Playlist

Once you get started with these applications, you can begin to use all of our APIs in your creative development efforts. Please note that all applications must adhere to the Beats Music Terms of Service and Brand Guidelines


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