Monday, March 10, 2014

A Big Thank You to Otterbox & Lessons We Can Learn from Customer Service

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Over the years I've purchased a lot of gear.  I mean, I'm a gear head, and as such I've bought a lot of electronics and other types of tech stuff.
One of the things I've learned about all of those gadgets is it pays to protect them the best way you can.  One little slip can result in scratches, dings, or (Heaven forbid) a broken device.
That's why I've become a big believer in Otter Box.The company has created quite a reputation in the tech industry for making cases that protect the electronic gadgets that people like myself use and want to keep using despite the  bumps and drops that life delivers along the way.
I figure that over the years I've probably bought 15 or more Otter box cases for phones, tablets, and other devices.  Honestly I can't think of a single time that an Otter Box has let me down.  I've had some pretty spectacular drops over the years and every time I've done something like that, Otter Box has come through… and by that I mean bounces and no breaks, no scratches, no damage at all.
My favorite case is the Otter box Defender.  The last time I checked, it is their most expensive case.  It's also the thickest and "clunkiest", but it is also the one that is built to survive almost anything you can throw at it.
I've got a lot of devices, but when I get anew one, my first thought is always "does Otter box make a Defender Case for this?"  If so, the device goes in one STAT.
But you know, everything wears out eventually… and that is where this post is going.
As most of you great readers know, I travel quite a bit with my lectures and things for Dental Products Report and because of that, my iPhone and iPad take a decent beating from "road wear and tear".  Because of that I have both of them protected with Otter Box Defender cases.
One of the great things about the Defender series is that it has a snap-on lid.  The lid has a built in "kickstand" that allows the lid to lay flat on a surface and the "kickstand" will hold the iPad or iPhone up at an angle sort of like an easel.  This is a great feature for reading or watching videos.  It's a feature that I use daily for my iPad.  Recently on a trip, this kickstand broke.  I was bummed, but when you use something as often as I use the lid on my iPad, these things are bound to happen.
I checked my date of purchase and then went to the Otter Box website.  I turns out my Defender case has a 1 year warranty and my case was almost 2 years old.  I didn't want to have to buy an entirely new case, so I called customer service to see if I could somehow just purchase a lid for my system.
I called the toll free number and waited no longer than about 2 minutes for a very friendly and upbeat customer service rep to answer the phone.  I explained my situation and that my case was one year out of warranty.  Was there a way, I enquired, to just buy a new lid?  The answer was quick and simple.  No need to put me on hold.  No need to consult a supervisor.  No need to call or email me back.
I was immediately told "we want everyone to have a good experience with our products and even though you are out of warranty, we can see from your order history that you are a good customer and we are happy to send you a new cover at no charge."  All I had to do was to complete the normal warranty process listed on the website.  I called on Monday and the new lid was delivered on Friday.
The world (and the Internet) is full of stories of bad customer service.  I'm proud to be able to tell a story of outstanding customer service.  I've been an Otter Box customer for many years now and will continue to be.  They certainly could have politely told me i was out of warranty… instead they went above & beyond to provide me a customer experience I was not expecting.  I'm a customer for life based on this one experience.  I'm making this post to let Otter Box know how much I appreciate their products and how much I appreciate the way they treat me!

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