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FAQ Regarding Denmat's Acquisition of Zila

As I reported here last week, Denmat acquired Zila last Friday.  In order to make things as clear as possible, Denmat issued this FAQ to help existing customers of both companies:




ANSWERS to commonly asked questions

1. What Zila products are being sold to DenMat?

DenMat acquired all of the dental products previously sold by Zila. These include the Rotadent power toothbrush, NV and SL3 soft-tissue diode lasers, Atridox periodontal antibiotic, Pro-Select Platinum scaler, and ViziLite Tblue oral cancer screening system.

  1. When will the transition to DenMat begin and how long is it expected to last?

    •   Responsibility for the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of these products will transition from Zila to DenMat by March 19, 2014. On or before March 19, all sales and customer service functions will remain with Zila.

    •   You will be able to purchase all of Zila’s products exclusively from DenMat after March 19 by calling 1-800-4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628) or by visiting

  2. As a current Zila customer, how will I know which company to contact when I need to place my next order?

    •   Product orders will be managed by Zila through March 19. After March 19, any calls into Zila’s phone lines will be redirected to DenMat.

    •   Zila’s website and online store will also be redirected to after March 19.

  3. As a current DenMat customer, when can I start ordering Zila products through DenMat? When will my DenMat field sales representative be able to visit my office to demonstrate Zila products?

    •   Zila product orders will be managed by Zila through March 19. If you would like to purchase Zila product prior to March 19, please contact Zila at 1-800-228-5595 or visit

    •   After March 19, you can order Zila products through DenMat representatives or via DenMat’s online store at

  4. As a current Zila customer who is new to DenMat, will I need to set up a new account with DenMat or will my Zila account be transferred?

    •   An account will automatically be set up in DenMat’s system for you by March 19, but the account identification number will be different than your current Zila account number.

    •   DenMat will mail you a letter in mid-March that contains your new account number, along with DenMat’s terms and conditions for warranties and returns.

    •   You can also call a DenMat sales representative after March 19 at 1-800-4DENMAT (1-800-433- 6628) to obtain your new account number.


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ANSWERS to commonly asked questions (continued)

  1. How long can I continue placing product orders on Zila’s website or over the phone with Zila representatives?

    •   Orders will not be accepted by Zila after March 19th on the website or over the phone.

    •   Orders can be placed with DenMat over the phone or online at starting

      March 20th.

  2. What do I need to do in order to place my first order on

    •   You will receive additional communication from DenMat on or around March 19 with instructions on how to obtain your login credentials.

    •   You can also call DenMat at 1-800-4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628) to set up your online account with a Customer Care Representative any time after March 19.

  3. What effect will this change have on the delivery timing of products that I have currently on order with Zila? What about those ordered in the near future?

    •   Orders that were placed with Zila on or before March 19th will be shipped from Zila according to Zila’s standard shipping policy.

    •   Orders placed with DenMat after March 19th will ship via ground from Lompoc, CA. 2-day and overnight delivery options are also available.

    •   To view DenMat’s ordering and shipping policy, please visit

  4. Which company should I contact for issues and returns on products that I had previously purchased from Zila? If I have a warranty issue or return already in progress, how will this be handled?

    •   For warranty claims or returns initiated on or before March 19th, Zila’s normal procedures should be followed.

    •   To initiate a warranty claim or return after March 19th, contact DenMat Customer Care at 1-800- 4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628).

  5. What if I have an account balance or a due amount to Zila?

    •   Any balance due to Zila can be paid directly to Zila prior to March 19.

    •   If you still have a balance due after March 19, you can send payment directly to DenMat’s

      Accounts Receivables Department at:

      DenMat Holdings, LLC Attn: Accounts Receivable P.O. Box 1729
      Lompoc, CA 93438-1729

    •   DenMat’s Accounts Receivable Department can also be reached by calling 1-800-4DENMAT (1- 800-433-6628) and selecting option 5 on the call menu, or by emailing


ANSWERS to commonly asked questions (continued)

  1. As a current Zila customer, how long will my Zila representative be available if I need a sales representative to visit my office for technical support or service? Will my Zila field representative be replaced by a DenMat representative?

    •   Your current Zila sales representative will continue supporting your office through March 19th.

    •   After March 19th, a DenMat sales representative will step in to support you and your staff.

  2. Will Zila’s return and warranty terms and conditions be honored by DenMat, or will the products that I previously purchased from Zila be transferred to DenMat’s terms and conditions? What are DenMat’s warranty and return terms and conditions?

    •   DenMat will honor Zila’s warranty and return policies on all products sold by Zila on or before March 19th.

    •   All Zila products purchased from DenMat after March 19th will be subject to DenMat’s warranty and return terms and conditions.

    •   A copy of DenMat’s warranty and return terms and conditions will be mailed to you on or around March 19th.

  3. Will the price of any of the Zila products change in the near future?

DenMat will continue selling all Zila products at the same prices, subject to DenMat’s customary price review from time-to-time.

14. Will the current Zila part numbers (SKUS) remain the same or will they be changed to a DenMat numbering system? If a change is made, how will I be notified?

DenMat will have new part numbers for all Zila products by March 19, 2014. Your DenMat sales representative will provide you with a new price list that has both Zila’s old part numbers and the new DenMat numbers for reference.

15. If I have been purchasing products from Zila at a discounted price due to my status as a Group Practice, Speaker, University, or other VIP group, will these discounts be honored by DenMat?

Yes, DenMat will continue honoring Zila’s discount levels, subject to DenMat’s customary price review from time-to-time.

16. Will any of Zila’s products be discontinued or changed? If so, how much notice will be given before a product is changed or discontinued?

  •   Most, if not all, of Zila’s products will continue to be available. Zen Cordless Prophy is the only product that is scheduled to be discontinued, although Zen angles will continue to be available.

  •   Your DenMat sales representative will advise you of either product changes or discontinuations.

  •   DenMat is committed to not only maintaining, but to improving, product quality. To ensure the

    highest levels of product quality, we make and assemble most of our products in our 100,000 square foot world headquarters on the Central Coast of California.


ANSWERS to commonly asked questions (continued)

17. Does DenMat plan to continue offering Zila’s continuing education courses on Soft Tissue Management?

Yes, DenMat recognizes how critical continuing education is to the advancement of proper soft tissue management and oral hygiene. In fact, we think it’s so important that we plan to give the current STM course a complete overhaul to upgrade the quality of the content by this summer.

18. I am a DenMat LSDP member. Can I get Zila products for free as part of my membership benefits?

  •   Zila products will not immediately be included in the LSDP benefits package. However, we are planning to include some Zila products as part of LSDP Free by mid-2014.

  •   Any inclusion of Zila products in LSDP will be announced to you in the monthly LSDP Insider newsletter, and by your DenMat sales representative.


1-800-4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628) 1-805-346-3700



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