Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amazon Flow Allows You to Buy with Images on Your Smartphone Camera

Here is a pretty slick software offering from Amazon.
It seems that the company has updated its iPhone App to include a new feature that Amazon is calling Flow.
It works like this:  You don't take a  photo, but instead simply use the camera on your iPhone.  As you hold your iPhone up to an object, the image on the screen is analyzed by the Flow software and compared against a database of known images.  When an item is recognized, it is placed into a queue that can be added to your Amazon cart.
Amazon is hoping to use this (obviously) to make purchasing from them more convenient and just downright easier.  Imagine you use the last of an item, simply hold it up to your phone and then get ready to re-order.
What about shopping in brick & mortar stores?  An app that can quickly (within a few seconds) identify the product you are holding & give you a price is a great advantage.
I'm anxious to get this on my iPhone & gave it a whirl.  I'm a  huge Amazon fan… they are probably one of the places I shop the most.  With the ability to rapidly compare prices, this is just the kind of thing I've been looking for.

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