Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snapchat Data Breach Exposes 4.6 Million Users

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For those of you who are Snapchat users… bad news.  In case you haven't heard, the company suffered  a serious data breach.  By serious, I mean just that.
This was a hack that was perpetrated by a person or persons who was up to no good.
After the info was stolen, it was then posted on several websites, tormented, and mirrored on Mega.  Interestingly enough, the last 2 digits of the phone numbers were not listed, but the perpetrator let it be known that the full numbers could be had… for a price.  That, of course, means that any crook or scammer wiling to pony up the loot can have full access.  This was even available for accounts marked as "private".
Lots of folks use Snapchat to deliver photos that can only be seen for a set amount of time before they are automatically deleted from the receiver's device.  This *appearance* of safety has led to lots of users with many of them not overly concerned about security.  Now the price is being  paid.
While researching this event, I found a really great article with tons of details by Violet Blue.  It's available on the ZD Net website and well worth the read if you are interested in all the details of what went down.  The article even has a link to this website that allows users to see if they are affected by the breach.  
This is just another example of security breaches that are just all to common these days...
I hope that none of you reading this has been affected.

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