Monday, January 6, 2014

Set Your Office Apart with a Brushing App!!!

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A few months ago,I was approached by  a gentleman named Eric D'Souza with an interesting idea for something to try. Eric is a software designer, with a unique talent for designing apps for Tablets and Smartphones.  He found me through this blog and my writing for Dental Products Report.
Eric created a custom brushing app for my office and we've had it available for download for the App Store for a while now.  I've done some promotion of the app on my Twitter feeds as well as some other places and I've had good feedback on the app both publicly and privately.
Needless to say, I've downloaded it myself and have played with it off & on and I've been very impressed.  Based on Feedback that I have gotten, I'm rating this as   "Highly Recommended!"
Here is the company story from Eric himself:
Laumoda Inc was founded in 2011 by Eric D'Souza with a focus on developing apps for Apple's AppStore.  In 2012 Eric was approached by a friend, Dr Singer, who was looking for a brushing app branded for his dental office.  With Dr Singer's input, Laumoda developed a brushing app that encourages kids to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day.  
The bushing app has been extremely popular with Dr Singer's patients.  Kids of all ages look forward to brushing their teeth with the app.  They like that their picture appears while brushing, and that they can choose their own song.  They also like collecting points when they brush, and seeing their point total increase (twice) daily.
The app is customized using the logo, color and branding of the dental office.  Laumoda uses your website to develop customized logos, icons and splash screen.  All customizations are provided for your review prior to app development.  You can be as little, or as much involved as you prefer.
You can download and try Dr Flucke's custom app for free at  
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