Friday, January 24, 2014

Enercell Backup Power Review

I wanted to give a quick review of my Enercell device.  I bought this little battery backup well over a year ago and from time to time I've had to use it.  Heck, I've even loaned it to super hygienist Sarah a while back.
This is a really handy little thing to have and is about $40 from Radio Shack.
The idea is pretty simple.  It's a rechargeable battery housed inside a sturdy rubber case.  The USB plug shown in the picture pops out of the device and plugs into your laptop or a USB A/C adapter and it charges the battery.  The amount of power remaining (or how much left to charge) is indicated by a small series of green LED's on the device that work as a "gas gauge".  When they are all lit, you are fully charged.
On the end opposite the USB plug is a female USB port.  Into that port you plug in the USB cable that matches the power port on your phone or other device.  Once the cord is plugged into the Enercell and your device, the Enercell is now an external power supply that will  power the device even if the device's internal battery is completely drained.
It provides about 8 hours of power.  Not bad huh?  Especially if you end up somewhere and you have no power at all & no place to charge.
Oh, and why did  Sarah need it?  Turns out the power button on her iPhone was "stuck" and she could not turn the phone off.  Rather than risk her phone going dead and she having no way to push the button to turn it back on, she used the Enercell for a few days until she had time to take her phone in for repair.

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