Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Google Updates Drive with Activity Stream for Shared Files

Google Drive Activity stream.png
From someone who works a lot in Drive, I find this a pretty cool add-in.
In the next week or so, the smart people at Google are going to be adding an Activity Stream to the layout of Google Drive.
If you aren't familiar with the feature, you can share files in drive, such as documents and have partners collaborate with you in real time.
The confusion comes when lots of changes are added especially when they are done at times that all collaborators aren't there at the same time.  Obviously you can be checking out a file and not be sure what changes were made or when they were made.
With the addition of the Activity Stream, you'll click the "i" button on the top right and a list will appear that shows what's been done to the file.
It's a great way of keeping track of changes and making sure things turn out exactly the way you want them.
Look for it to be available in the next week.

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