Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Google Buys Nest… but Why?

Nest was just bought by Google, wonder why?
I live in the Kansas City area and we were the first area to get Google Fiber.  Although it's not available to me, it is the fastest Internet connection around.  So Google is in the fiber to your home business.
Now imagine that once it gets to your home, it could control your home.
The control part is where Nest comes in.  If you've been paying attention (and if you haven't that's why you read this blog… ha) there are commercials airing now by AT&T and Time Warner showing people controlling their homes from a smartphone or tablet.
Obviously this home automation has got to come from somewhere, and if you're going to buy it why not buy a system designed by the guy who invented the iPod?  Tony Fadell  Is frequently referred to as the ” father of the iPod”. He left Apple to start Nest in recently sold it to Google for $3.2 billion.
So Google is now bringing the Internet to your home and then buys the company that makes devices to control your home over the Internet.
That, my friends, is a match made in heaven!

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