Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dental Practice Management Presents the Ultimate Guide to the Affordable Care Act for Dental Practices

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Are you confused by the Affordable Care Act?  You are definitely not alone!  Lots of folks are in the exact same situation as you are.
Anytime a new law or group of laws comes along, there is guaranteed to be confusion galore.  To increase that confusion, you can add to it the concept that many of the bits and pieces are still under interpretation and many groups are either embroiled in or planning to become involved with some type of litigation over parts of the law.
Anytime a set of laws as wide sweeping as the Obama Affordable  Care Act comes along, you can count on confusion and difficulties in interpretation for an extended period of time.  Heck it may take years before anyone truly figures out all the information and nuances that go along with such a wide sweeping mandate.
I remember the ADA Annual Session in 2006.  The meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and one of the keynote speakers was President Bush's Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mike Leavitt.  At that particular meeting, Secretary Leavitt discussed the challenges facing the United States in the healthcare sector.  Now remember, this was 8 years ago and things have probably worsened since then… However at that meeting Secretary Leavitt voiced some concerns on our GDP numbers.
Now, I'm going from memory here, so I might not have all of this perfectly straight in my mind, but at that time, the US government was anticipating that somewhere between 2020-2030 about 30-35% of GDP was going to be spent in the healthcare sector.  At that time the feds were concerned that any  country that spent that much of their GDP, just to keep their citizens healthy would not be able to compete for long in the evolving global economy.
Remember, this was when conservatives were in the White House.  The situation & numbers did not change when Democrats moved into the Oval Office.  My point here is that the numbers begin run were the same no matter what the political party.
That's the reason the federal government has put such an emphasis on the efficiency that technology brings to the healthcare market.  I am paraphrasing here, but I remember that Secretary Leavitt talked a bit about the financial markets and how you could use an ATM almost anywhere in the country and the machine could find out your bank balance, give you needed money, etc with little trouble, but basically doctors in the building didn't have any idea how they were treating the same patient.
Something had to change.  Now whether you agree with what changes were made, well… that's not the purpose of this post.  Heck, we could write an entire good about THAT.  However, the ACA is here and we're going to have to learn to navigate it at some point.  To help with that situation, and where the ACA fits into dental practices, Dental Practice Management has created The Ultimate Guide to the Affordable Care Act.
It's just another way how we at Advanstar Dental Media (the parent company of Dental Products Report and Dental Practice Management) are trying to help you, our readers, better understand the confusion surrounding the ACA.  We're all in this together and you can count on DPR and DPM to try our hardest to help our readers stay on the leading edge with timely info on anything and everything impacting the practice of dentistry.  This is just one more example of our commitment!!!

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