Monday, January 27, 2014

Aspida Enterprise for Secure Email Communications


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 A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on my Top 10 Practice Predictions for 2014.  

It's always a bit of a "oh, no pressure" moment when an author, especially one the deals with the future, is asked by their publication to give a few guesses as to what the future holds.  It's especially stressful for the writer when the author (in this case me) is making predictions for the near future.  Heck, in this case it's over the next 11 months.  Like I said, no pressure.

So, for the Top 10 2014 Predictions Article - My #4  Prediction was about an email service  that allows a dental office to communicate via email with other offices via encryption that provides secure communications.

At the time I wrote the article, the company, which is called Aspida, had asked me to keep their name confidential.  Since that article, I've received a fair number of requests from folks wanting more information about the company and what it does, what it provides, what it costs, etc.

Now, Aspida is making all of this information available to prospective clients.  All of the pertinent info is below and for anything else, you can visit their website.  


Aspida Mail – $95 per month

  • Encrypted Email for up to 10 accounts
    • Unlike like other encryption methods and services, Aspida Mail doesn’t transmit any email that may contain ePHI. Instead, it is sent to and held by a secure server that can only be accessed by your intended recipient.
  • 10GB of storage per domain
    • Enough to handle email and most images for a very long time. If more storage is required, $25 a month more gets you and additional 10GB.
  • Email archiving, retention, and backup for 6 years
    • Policy-based email archive solution for inbound and outbound email, which is required by HIPAA
  • Spam and Malware Protection
    • Inspection technology that throttles and blocks inbound and outbound SPAM and malware, ensuring your domain mail server is not compromised or blacklisted. Whether it’s protecting against a rogue SMTP sender inside the organization or an out of control virus with a spamming component, we can help protect your office’s reputation so the lines of email communication remain efficient and clean-flowing
  • $25,000 Data Breach Insurance for each domain.
    • In the unlikely event something goes wrong, every domain includes data breach insurance.
  • Practice Management Software Integration
    • Aspida Mail integrates with most dental practice management software titles allowing offices not to change the process they use for email currently.
  • Compatibility
    • Works with any web enabled device allowing for complete access anytime, anywhere.
  • Compliance
    • Aspida provides every end-user a Business Associate Agreement, insuring everyone is covered.


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