Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Caries Detection Case with Air Techniques Spectra

I thought I'd share this case as it's another example of advanced caries detection that we are using here in the office.
The photo above shows an image taken with Air Techniques Spectra.  This is an interesting case of caries detection.  The tooth in the pictures here and below is #2 (FDI #17).
The Spectra image above shows an area of red indicating caries approaching the DEJ.  The area appears small and had NO explorer stick.  However, this patient has a history of decay so I wanted to make sure I took a good look at the area while prepping.
A mesial area of caries was present on the bitewing so a MO restoration was treatment planned.  I was originally planning on doing a "slot prep" on this tooth where I use a 330 inverted cone diamond bur to prep through the marginal ridge & leave the rest of the tooth intact.
However, you know what they say about the best laid plans...
When we opened up into the ridge, my 4.8 Orascoptics quickly identified caries progressing from the small pit in the Spetra image.  Take a look at this:
Here you can plainly see a dark shadow that indicates underlying caries.  I went ahead and and prepped into the carious area and removed the area of decay.  Here is another photo showing the area with almost all of the decay removed:
After removing all of the caries, we proceeded to bond in a composite restoration 
This is an example of things that we see on a routine basis when utilizing advanced caries detection systems.  The devices are definitely worth a look to any practicing dentist.
It is all about data collection & learning about your patient.  Being able to visualize 

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