Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Success Story from Statim G4

I mentioned my Statim G4 Internet connected autoclave here before, but I wanted to share a great story about it.

It seems today my unit aborted back to back sterilizing cycles and no one noticed.

At lunch I got a phone call from SciCan, the makers of Statim to tell me they had received 2 emails this morning from my unit indicating an error with the water resevoir.

It seems there is a little float in the reservoir & the error was telling them that there was a problem with the float.

With the technician on the phone with me, I located the float in the water reservoir, tapped it with a screw driver, and *fixed* the problem! No service call needed. No repair guy needed. All done fast and easy.

That's why the idea of Internet connected devices is such a big deal and is only going to get bigger.

Thanks SciCan!!!

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