Friday, December 13, 2013

Peanut Brittle and Why It Counts

I started my own practice in Lee's Summit, MO in 1989.  Honestly it seems like last week, but time can be like that.

I'm proud to say that even with our mobile society, I still have some patients that were with me way back then.  Over the years their numbers have dwindled some, but there are still enough of them that I get a sense of pride when I think of them.  It's just a way of knowing you're doing it the right way when you can keep folks coming back for that long.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and this summer one of my favorite patients from '89 had to move away due to a job change.  It was really tough to see her go and after receiving my good-bye hug I went back to my office and, I'm not ashamed to say, I shed a few tears.  She's just such a wonderful and gracious lady.

We had a bit of a tradition between us.  Every Christmas season she'd come to my office and bring me a treat of the best peanut brittle on the planet.  I could go on and on about the stuff, but that's not really the point of this post.  The point is that she thought enough of me to always make me a batch… and I loved her for it.

When she moved away this summer, I asked her for the recipe which she was only too happy to provide.  I'm no whiz in the kitchen, but I figured if I could get through organic chemistry I could, just maybe, get through the peanut brittle.

Well today I box arrived at the office and I know that you know how this story ends.  Inside was a large Christmas Tree shaped box of peanut brittle.  No card, no letter, just sweet goodness in a box.

She not only thought enough to make it, but she went through the trouble of shipping it to me.  I can't believe how it made me feel.  I sat in my personal office and just had this wonderful feeling wash over me.  It wasn't the treat, it was the fact that she'd thought enough to do it.  That's the secret of peanut brittle and thinking of others.  That's what counts in life!

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