Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NORAD Santa Tracker Keeps you Updated on Santa's Progress… and This Year Google Does Too!!!!!

For those of you who are new or even semi-new to the blog, welcome!  The holiday season is upon us and today is a pretty big day for kids all over the world who are awaiting a visit from Santa Claus!
A few years ago, I stumbled across a site that allows *live* tracking of Santa Claus as he works on his journey of delivering presents around the world.
The government entity NORAD is a combined effort of the US and Canada that "provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defense of North America".  Basically it tracks anything in the air to make sure it is not a threat to North America and they've been doing that since 1958.  However, since they are uniquely qualified to track aircraft, the organization also is uniquely qualified to track Santa!
To follow along on Santa's journey, go to the NORAD Santa Tracker.  
If you would like read the complete history of how NORAD came to provide this valuable and FREE service, the entire history is on Wikipedia here.  It's a pretty fascinating read and really the whole Santa tracking process is the result of a wonderful accident from a newspaper ad.
Also this year, Google has developed a Santa Tracker as well.  You can access it by going to:

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