Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing DEXIS photo™ — Shoot Directly To DEXIS In An Instant

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The new DEXIS photo app showcases the company’s commitment to the integration of today’s popular devices into its award-winning imaging products.

Here's an interesting piece of news that was announced on December 3rd at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.  I thought you 


Hatfield, PA (December 1, 2013) DEXIS announces the release of the DEXIS photo app which provides a fast and easy way to add photos directly into DEXIS® Imaging Suite using iPhone® and iPod Touch®*. The app lets clinicians frame the shot and capture the photo right into the patient record — wirelessly, automatically and instantaneously; no cards, no readers, no manual file transfer. 


With the two functions of DEXIS photo, dental professionals can choose to capture patient ID photos that can be viewed from any imaging screen in DEXIS or to take and send images for the software’s extra-oral photo screen. Using the applicable mobile device and DEXIS photo, these tasks can be performed easily and seamlessly when in proximity to and interacting with the DEXIS Imaging Suite software. 


“After the release of our last app, DEXIS go®, we were praised for our use of contemporary technology that was adapted to a valuable dental application,” states Adam Palermo, Product Manager for DEXIS. “We know from research that mobile devices are widely used in dental practices, and we are embracing this technology to improve clinical workflow.”  


DEXIS photo allows dental professionals to experience a simple, modern workflow that offers time savings, clinical support and patient interaction. Not only is this app effortless and enjoyable to use, it can help to maintain HIPAA compliance since images are not stored on the mobile device; rather they are securely stored within DEXIS. 


DEXIS photo will be available on the Apple App store at the end of December 2013.To find out more about DEXIS photo, visit


*The DEXIS photo app works with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation in the initial release; requires iOS 7 or greater.



DEXIS is an industry leader in developing high quality digital imaging solutions for the dental community. In 1997, DEXIS introduced digital radiography on laptop computers — making it the first truly portable and affordable digital X-ray system. In 2001, DEXIS became the first intra-oral digital radiography system to be accepted by the American Dental Association into the highly prestigious ADA Seal Program. Today, DEXIS is the most highly awarded intra-oral digital X-ray system with numerous awards from dental researchers and well-respected dental publications. For more information on the DEXIS® Imaging Suite of software products and the DEXIS® Platinum Sensor, visit

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