Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Givers Can Now Directly Gift Books from the iBook Store

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Just in time for Christmas comes a cool new announcement from Apple.  Now, a gift giver can directly give a specific book to the person of their choice.
Up until now the only option one had was to give an iTunes gift card or you could directly gift a credit that you had purchased for another person's account.  However, obviously all that did was to provide the recipient with virtual cash to spend… which was no guarantee a specific title would be purchased.
All that is now changed.  For quite a while now, users have been able to gift from the iTunes store or the App store (2010), but iBooks have lagged behind… not sure why.
The process of gifting works just as it does for iTunes & Apps.  You simply find the book you're looking for and then on a Mac click the little "drop down" arrow and choose "Gift this Book".  If you are, instead, buying from an iOS device, tap the "Share" button and choose "Gift".
Giving books has been an option for Amazon's Kindle store and even has allowed gifted books to be sent to an iPad with the Kindle app installed.  Now, finally, fans of the iBook store can do the same.

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