Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Air Techniques New Polaris & Spectra Evaluation - Definitely Recommended

I've been evaluating the newest version of these 2 Air Techniques devices for a while now.
In our practice we've used the Polaris camera and Spectra caries detection device  for a while now, although in their original versions.
These new versions are redesigned and I like the overall improvement.  However, there is nothing incredibly Earth shattering here as far as major changes over the original designs.
The Polaris is AT's most updated intraoral camera and it provides very crisp and clear images with a nice depth of field.  You can even take full face images without much of a fisheye effect.  The control button on the device allows you to freeze and capture the images directly into your dental software.  The optics are definitely solid which allows the device to take very nice clinical images.  It's also well balanced and fits well in both my hands as well as the smaller hands of my female staff members.  In our testing, we've found great images, simple integration, and easy to use both solo or with help.
The Spectra is Air Techniques visual caries detection device.  The basic concept is  you take an image with Spectra, the software runs a quick algorithm and you get an image with the appearance of Dopler Radar that shows exactly where the caries is.  See the image below:
Spectra clinical.jpg
We found the new Spectra to be well balanced and very easy to control… especially with only one person using the device.  This is critical as our most frequent use of Spectra is in hygiene and my hygienists use the devices on nearly every patent.  It also has control buttons on the body that allow for freezing & saving of the images.
Both devices have performed well and are aesthetically better than their predecessors.  Definitely devcies that are worth the investment and highly recommended.

Contact your favorite dental dealer for purchasing info.

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