Monday, November 11, 2013

Your New Destination for All Things Practice Management


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In my time with Advanstar  Dental Media, we've covered a variety of subjects.  Now we're branching out even more to a site devoted just to the idea of management, no matter if it is for a practice for you, the individual.
I had lunch with a friend of mine a while back and he said something that I sill consider profound even though he didn't mean it that way.  What he said was, "The first few years in practice you spend time seeing and learning how to deal with all the different clinical aspects of what we do.  Then after a while that becomes pretty easy, but about the time clinical becomes easy, management rears its head and I'm not sure management EVER gets easier."
To that end, we are launching Dental Practice Management.  We do this with the hope that this WILL make the management part easier.  The idea is short, to the point articles that make sense but also don't take an entire lunch period to read and comprehend.
I'm excited about this as technology isn't just something that happens clinically, it happens in every aspect of the office.  Also, like you, I'm a practicing dentist who faces the same challenges as any other clinician and business owner.  I look forward to helping you solve the problems we all face… and doing it together!
Here is what my good friend and Advanstar Group Editorial Director, Kevin Henry had to say about this:
Welcome to general practice management! Our goal with this site is simple: to provide you (whether you are a dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, or office manager) with the information that you need to become more successful, both personally and professionally.
There are many aspects to successfully managing a dental practice, from human resources to proper scheduling to marketing…  and everything in between. Our goal at DPM is to give you the best advice from the best resources available…  and to do it in short articles that can be read quickly.
I have worked with dental magazines for almost 15 years and the one thing I constantly hear from dentists is the need for information on how to better run their practices. With that in mind, our team will work with the finest consultants in the market and we will talk to you and your colleagues about what is working in your practice…  and what isn't.
Working with our sister publications (Dental Products Report, Dental Lab Report, and Modern Hygienist), we're going to be able to give you a well-rounded look at every angle for success in the dental practice. Additionally, you'll be able to read “secrets of success” from dentists and team members throughout the country and learn how they have grown their practices and made them prosper.
I encourage you to go ahead and dive into this site. Check out our articles, videos, and webinars. There is a lot of great information waiting for you…  and much more to come on a daily basis. We're glad to have you here!
Kevin Henry
Group Editorial Director


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