Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Google Glass Evolving to Being Invisible… at Least to the User

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First of all, let me just say I really admire Matt Honan's work.  He's a writer for Wired and has really done some solid work over the years.  I really enjoy reading his stuff.
So… I was thrilled when I happened to find one of his articles on yesterday.  It seems that Google has released a GDK (Glass Development Kit) for software developers and it seems that Glass is working on being part of the user's background.
Matt says:  

Glass’ new GDK — or Glassware development kit — makes it easier for application developers to tap into the hardware, even when its offline, to perform tasks in real-time without having to go back and forth to servers in the cloud. It opens new possibilities for developers to build tools that center around either immersive or ongoing tasks (as opposed to, say, simply notifications about things like new email, or the ability to upload a photo and share it online).


So it looks like Glass is going to be heading toward a more "always-on personal assistant" than a whiz bang gadget.  Personally I think that is a good things and pretty darn cool to boot.  If you want all the details, head over to Wired and read Matt's whole take on this. 

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